I have been speaking about my personal experiences growing up living with a disability since I was in high school. I have been an invited guest speaker at universities, schools and special events. Through my Expressive Arts Production Company The Rainbow Butterfly Cafe I offer  reimagined alternative to the traditional keynote address through my one woman shows and performance keynotes and lectures.

WATCH YOUR HEAD  Written by Lynda Rodriquez (www.ellesviews.com) Directed by Paul Kampf. A one woman show about an actress’s hilarious and heartbreaking journey of Re-Discovery and Self Acceptance following a brain hemorrhage .   The performance can be followed by Q&A where she Diana shares her journey of living with cerebral palsy and how she has been resilient over adversity in achieving her dreams and goals.

One Actress’s Hilarious & Heartbreaking Journey Of Recovery Re-Discovery & Self-Acceptance Following A Brain Hemorrhage

CLIMBING THE CHRYSTAL STAIRCASE: REFLECTIONS ON HOPE, FAITH AND RESILIENCY   Combing monologues,  poetry and personal stories Diana celebrates the power of the human spirit when we face our fears, feel our fears, accept our disappointments, take a deep breath and do it anyway.

NAVAGATING WORMHOLES WHILE TRAVELING THROUGH OUTERSPACE THE PERSONAL JOURNEY PERFORMANCE KEYNOTES & LECTURES   Diana shares her experiences on a variety of topics ranging from her experiences being mainstreamed in school, to her wonderful and challenging journey pursuing a career as an actor with a disability and her commitment as an activist to ensuring disability is an inclusive part of the American Scene. Lectures can include short films and performances.

EXPRESSIVE ARTS WORKSHOPS                                I create and develop workshops using expressive arts tools and strategies to celebrate diversity and disability inclusion, cultivating resiliency , triumphing over adversity, and foster personal growth and professional development

   Partial Representation Of Places Where I've                  Performed/Spoken Or Facilitated A Workshop                                                 

 California State University Long Beach, California State University Long Beach, Hollywood High School. Culver Palms United Methodist Church, Links Inc. ( Inland Empire Chapter) , Modesto College, Bent Not Broken Seasons Of Change Conference (2017) Mindful Madness UCLA (2015) National Drama Therapy Conference (2014) , LFCSA Catalyst Conference: Arts and Democracy in Education


An Innovative Alternative To The Traditional Keynote Address For Your Next Conference Keynote, Corporate Retreat/ Training/ University/College Diversity Celebration/ Special Event/Panel

Diana is a powerful and captivating actress. She shines in Watch Your Head” Shannon-Los Angeles

“Diana’s performance of Watch Your Head make one believe in the power of live theater.”
Peter-Los Angeles

“Ms. Jordan embodies the part in Watch Your Head and her joy in acting is evident in performance. I can imagine her role as an inspirational keynote speaker/performer or as an educator/performer in a variety of venues for practitioners, educators, leaders, and students. I can also envision her in front of an audience who simply want to hear and see a good story.”   Mimi Savage PhD, RDT SoCal NADTA Chapter President

"Diana's commitment to challenging discrimination and stereotypical images of persons with disabilities is matched by her dynamic persona in front of audiences and the camera."  Ray Bradford, CEO Ray Bradford Group

Diana was able to captivate the audience with her encouraging words, while inspiring them to reach their dreams.  Becky Boatwright - Best Buddies Los Angeles Western Colleges Program Manager

The best part of the event was listening to Diana speak She is an unbelievable speaker. Her drive has driven me to do bigger things than I already am. Patrick Osman International Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author

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